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I Have Never Been Wise

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OK half of these are already in the playlist i listen to while painting RoTE stuff and the rest I'm adding rn!

The first song fits so well!! It's exactly Fool's Assassin beginning, and Fitz' s thoughts about Beloved. s so awsome!

AUGH RAINFALL. AAAUUUUUGGHHHHH. (On a similar note, how dare you, sir or madam. How dare you add those Frozen/Frost songs in the middle there. *buries self in swamp of feelings*)

@icedragonchilde Because I'm a horrible person who likes to wallow in the misery of her angsty feels. If it makes you feel any better, I started Fool's Quest on my lunch break today and I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up coming back to my desk emotionally compromised every day after lunch, so you can just picture me trying to read emails and work through my tears and pain. :P

I've only just listened to the first song so far but ARGH MY HEART. That was. . .that was like a perfect song for them. Oh my frail heart. . .

@icedragonchilde That song gets me with Fool/Fitz feels every time I hear it. There are multiple versions (the band is usually more of an electronic/futurepop group), but this orchestral rendition hits me right in the gut. Glad I could share the pain, lol!