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Here's wishing for a happy ending for these two... A collection of poignant love songs, in the hope that the Fool and his Catalyst might find some peace together at the end of their long, long journey.

"If love doesn’t come first and linger after, if love can’t wait and endure disappointment and separation, then it’s not love." - Robin Hobb, 'Golden Fool'

13 tracks
3 comments on Last Dance of Chances

Thank you so much for this mix, I really needed it after reading the Tawny Man Trilogy. I don't know what kind of ending Robin Hobb has planned for them BUT THEY WILL BE HAPPY TOGETHER IN MY HEAD OK

@blue_ajisai I KNOW RIGHT? I headcanon this so hard. SO HARD. (PS - I reread the Tawny Man Trilogy about once a year and I STILL CRY EVERY TIME.)