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Lyrium Ghost


For Fenris. For his beginnings as a slave to a cruel man, for the bargain he struck to free his family, the marks burned into his skin, the master he fled and later faced down. For a sister's betrayal, for his anger, his vengeance.

For a freedom hard-won, but worth the fight.

This mix starts off darker and more haunting, then grows more optimistic and victorious as it follows Fenris's journey. Annotations note how the song choices relate to his story, since this one is a little more experimental than some other mixes.

13 tracks
3 comments on Lyrium Ghost

This mix is So Good, I can't even describe. I was going through my liked playlists for something to listen to as I write a Fenris story and this is the one I thought about and searched specifically for. I love it that much. Thank you for this!!

@itzasolstice omg thank you so much! Fenris is a personal fave, so I'm glad I could help! I'd love to read your story if you publish it anywhere!

I really love this playlist but I'm especially a fan of the angelzoom remix of crawling. this is my first time hearing it, and the lyrics are spot on Fenris, but even better when paired with the sweet, haunting vocals. a+

Wow. This mix is incredible. I love the annotations telling the story. The songs are very fitting in my opinion and I really like the ones you have chosen. This is so awesome. Thank you for making and sharing this.