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Mad Hatter's iPod


An off-kilter, eccentric collection of songs appropriate for a tea party in Wonderland. Composed of a random mix of genres, including electroswing, pop, alt rock, goth, music box, steampunk, and everything in between. Occasionally a bit dark, but also kinda upbeat.

I don't even know what this is... I'm dressing up as the Mad Hatter and throwing a mad tea party in my office for Halloween this year, and I needed a playlist that was a couple of hours long for background music.

32 tracks
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How do you find all your music? I've found a lot of great but obscure music on your playlists that I had never heard before, and I'd love to be able to find more once I've exhausted your little database here. Any advice for searching out music?

@amanda-l-102664 Honestly, I find music all over the place. 8tracks is one place - I've discovered a lot of new artists on other people's playlists. I also listen to Spotify - it generates a weekly playlist of songs you might like based on your existing library and listening history. I also browse new releases on Amazon in genres I enjoy. Good luck hunting!

Holy crap I love this mix and I'm only 30 seconds in. I also realized I have a lot of your playlists in my other collections... looks like I need to follow you because we have a lot in common! ^^v