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The Fae Play Dangerous Games


"Games of the heart... they can be cruel and deadly things. They ensnare you, twist you, subvert you, until the desire consumes like flames. Obsession like that turns mortal men to mere thoughtless beasts."

A subplot of my NaNoWriMo novel has taken a decidedly sinister turn, resulting in this devilishly dark playlist about lust, possessiveness, obsession, and cruelty.

13 tracks
2 comments on The Fae Play Dangerous Games

Oh man, I recently started a fae story that also took a dark turn FAST and BOY OH BOY I was looking for a good playlist while writing, and this one is so perfect. Pretty much every song I was saying "YEEEEESSSSSS" at my computer. Thank you for this awesome playlist!

@leonandon Sweet! I'm glad it helped with your writing, too. :) And dang those tricky fae, getting all dark on us without warning! :P