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The One Good Thing (A-Side)


“Do you remember it all? Our time together when I was young?”
“Yeah, I remember everything, Natalia. And you were the one good thing in all of it.”

Part of a pair of Buckynat mixes - this one is for their clandestine relationship while under the thumb of Department X, and the temporary peace they found in each other.

(Special thanks to @swagabodcrane for some major help on these mixes when I was stuck!)

14 tracks
1 comment on The One Good Thing (A-Side)

I'm really excited to find your buckynat mixes! I'm loving this one so far! They are both definitely going in my Winter Widow collection. I feel like we have similar tastes. :)

@TeacupTempest Yay! I've marked your mixes to listen to today while I'm at work! :) Sometimes I feel like my musical tastes are all over the place, lol, but it does mean I like a lot of stuff. :P