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Your heart and my heart are very old friends


"I cried over beautiful things knowing that no beautiful thing lasts." -Carl Sandburg

Another playlist reminiscent of tweed, tea, and bicycles leaning against old stone walls, of warm wool jumpers and tall piles of books, of cobblestone streets and the yellow glow of street lamps in the night, and of the knowing glances you share with your love under the dreaming spires. But no beautiful thing lasts.

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@CrybabyGomez oh dang you're right, that's where it's stuck for me as well. Except I can't figure out how to force it to play a different track instead so it's permanently stuck. Sigh.

I love this playlist but it hasn't been working for the last couple weeks! Won't load... anyone else having this problem or know what's wrong? All other playlists I've tried are working fine. It's bumming me out.