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EDIT: Thank you all so much for the Gem status!

If you want, you can pretend each and every track is a brand new bad time. I adjusted the annotations accordingly. Ihe only way to beat Sans is to get to the end.

PS - this cover is a graphic designer's NIGHTMARE and you are SO welcome.

(Got an UNDERTALE fanmix request? I'd be stoked to make you one! Send it my way in the comments! If you're feeling kind, I also have an UNDERTALE comic and I'd love for you to check it out! )

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I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! SO WONDERFUL!!! i love being able to listen to remixes of my favorite jam and so many i can listen to it for hours!!!! *dying in Megalovania music*

I love this, but simultaneously it makes me sad that everyone equates this song with Sans when I still believe it's Chara's boss battle music. (lbr, at that point Sans was the player and we were the villain)

@rorriMehTnIenOehT hey, everybody's got their own interpretations, dude. i like to think of it as sans' song, or maybe a universal song for tough fights. after all, if characters like undyne and toriel can have more than one leitmotif (and undyne has a special genocide one, even!), why not sans too?

this is actually amazing but i feel like i'm having genocide run flashbacks. a++ job on collecting these and all the track comments!

@plingokat ooh, thank you so much! believe it or not i started at 33 and i add more all the time, so the next time you come back to this mix it will probably be even longer!

I really like these 1-track mixes! So many remixes @.@ do you think it'd be possible to get one of these for Fallen Down or its reprise?

@KeikakuRadio oh hey thank you! i actually have a "one-subject" i'm working on for the ruins--for fallen down, RUINS, and home (sometimes when i can't find very many remixes i like i have to fudge a bit to get up to 8.) you can expect to see that one next, I'll move it up the queue f you!

@KeikakuRadio check it out, it's finally done! sorry for the wait! unfortunately i can't hotlink you but it's right at the top of my page!