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A cool request from blackcat11 for BAaTH! Sorry this one took so long, I wanted to throw its sister/prequel song too (BTERTD) and the order was a bit hard to get just right. Hope you enjoy!

(Got an UNDERTALE one-track mix request? I'd be stoked to make you one! Send it my way in the comments! If you're feeling kind, I also have an UNDERTALE comic and I'd love for you to check it out! )

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@blackcat11 oh geez, thanks for letting me know! whenever i download new mixes, i add them to the playlists that are already up. i downloaded some new mixes of those tracks the other day and put them on there, but i had too many tracks by the same artist, so 8tracks took it down. i fixed it, but forgot to republish it. it should be perfectly normal now!