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don't you want me, baby?


“Of course I know I don’t deserve it,” he concludes. “Just the way my dad knows he doesn’t deserve to be happy, either. But he still dreams. And so do I. In case you thought those men had fucked everything out of me. In case you think I’m garbage. That’s still left. Oh, and my tight, cute little asshole. That’s still there too.”

- V I C E, Chapter 3

Tracks 1 - 18 : PART I, SEX
Tracks 19 - ? : PART II, VIOLENCE

(more songs will be added with each new chapter / plot development)

((I want to make this clear: this fic gets dark. And this playlist is going to get dark.))

** Note: The repeats of "Boris" are intentional; Lo Fang's cover captures Dean's perspective while the original by Boy captures Sam's.

24 tracks
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