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Ultimate Study Playlist I

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I have also been listening to this playlist for 10 years! It got me through college, CPA studies, work when I’m in a chill mood and now maternity leave

I have been listening to this playlist for ten years - it is the best study playlist I have found. It got me through college and now it's getting me through law school. Thanks for making the all-nighters more bearable.

This playlist got me through four years of college and three years of law school--I'm so glad 8tracks is back so it can get me through studying for the bar exam now!

so glad to be back!! ive loved this playlist since college, and it's been almost 10 years. thank you again for providing such quality mixes. <3

Cannot thank you enough for this playlist that saved me 8 years ago as a freshman in college one that I continued to return to as an adult. Brings back fond memories, truly wholesome content.

Hey, with the site closing down, I came back to save this playlist. My mom has been listening to it (and the others), I think at least once a week since 2012, when I started university, and discovered this playlist myself, and told her about it. You've had a small, but noticeable impact, in at least one person's life, for years.