90 comments on Ultimate Study Playlist IV by TheGirlNamedJedrzejko

These songs let me study and keep focusing on homework while I'm in college. Love this playlist. All of your study playlists have helped me get A's this semester! :D Length is amazing as well!

this is perfect for studying, because of this, I was able to power thru reading boring bio books. thanks for putting this together :D

Listened to your first playlist about 1000 times and just recently realized you had more.. they are amazing! Love reading and falling asleep to them.

This is the most amazing and beautiful playlist that I have ever heard! It brings out so many emotions and it tugs at my heart strings. Especially "And The Waltz Goes On." Stunning, absolutely stunning...

Your playlists are the absolute best! They make my long, arduous days of writing seem much less long and arduous XD A million thanks