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for her.


"my love for you was so quiet. it hung back, in the white nose of my heartbeats; it climbed in the guest bedroom window;

it stepped up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder, so gentle. my love for you was nothing like you were -

bright and brash and bigger than any room you ever stepped into. we fell into kissing, a little clumsy, a little cocksure,

and it was nothing like fireworks. kissing you was like coming home after leaving the door unlocked, and finding everything exactly where I left it.

kissing you was like never leaving home at all. my love was so gentle, so soft, so open-armed, that it didn't ache - not even a little -

because I carried a love like swing sets in sunlight, and you rocked my whole world just by being a part of it."

~ just friends (ashe vernon)

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