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Into Battle


Breaths of the thousands all sound as one
As valiant steeds paw the ground.
Swords sing like iron poetry,
As they ride
Into battle.

Glory and honour
Is what they are promised.
The ailing sunlight darkens the sky with blood
As they ride
Into battle.

1-6 - Preparing for battle
7-10 - Calvary charge
11-15 - Our heroes are revealed
16-22 - Into battle
23-25 - A hero's sacrifice
26-31 - The final fight and victory

Cover Photo - Screenshot from The Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King

31 tracks
8 comments on Into Battle

I love the poem for the description as well as the music chosen for this playlist! It actually really helped me to focus on my schoolwork without distracting me or making me super bored of what I was listening to. I got a lot done to this playlist, so it's definitely going in my favorites. Thank you also for giving me new artists and soundtracks to listen to~

This is great, thanks TheImaginaryGirl. A lot that I haven't heard before, and I like how the playlist has different stages. If you want to continue the enjoyment try out my new mix!

Awesome mix and really cool poem for the description, I also love writing poetry for my mixes. Thanks for all these awesome tunes! :D

@Alissafigureskater Thanks for your lovely comment! I'm so glad you enjoyed the mix! I really like your 'If it pleases you, gentle listener' poem - I thought it was very well written :D