Is this playlist safe for work?


3 comments on 1am

HELL YEAH. I love Phox so much and I was working on an essay when Satyr and the Faun started playing. I just started grinning and it honestly brightened my day! Love it!

I don't know how many of you will read this, but I'm going to say it anyways. Thank you all so much for supporting my station and listening to what I create. It is a truly special feeling to look at the statistics on the playlists and see that people not only liked my playlists, but liked the songs in the playlist. When i see that it gives me a feeling like no other because I know now that i have spread and shared my music with a great community of people, and they have reponded to my taste in a positive manner. Overall I just want to say thank you for supporting both me and my station for the past few years, together we have achieved the 32nd gold playlist and createf something special on 8tracks; a community of individuals who share eachother's music tastes. For the last time, thank you.