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First "Winterfell"... I was like: "Game of Thrones? How did he know? Ok this is starting awesome."
Secondly "From Past to Present"... I was like: "Skyrim? Ok this IS too awesome, This guy seems to really know me."
And then all the songs I recognized when they started playing, like Aphelion or Forest Calling or Over Hill (The Hobbit is amazing and its soundtrack beautiful :)) and all the songs I had never heard before, but where incredibly amazing... "Ok this is too much; this mix is freaking epic!"

just wondering, why didn't you put songs from Dragon Age? Like the main theme or the party camp music, or any other?

I love listening to instrumental mixes when studying (mostly painting and drawing for my art classes) and this is just perfect. I think it's so very inspirational and so very Dragon Age!