"I was lost and I’m still lost / But I feel so much better / ‘Cause now I know / It’s not so far to where I go / The hardest part is inside me / I need to just be, just be..." - Tiësto

Aspiring DJ and producer. Gryffindor who keeps getting sorted into Ravenclaw.

Profile photo credit: "Stellarscapes," Oriol Angrill Jordà.

Mix covers subject to change over time (a factor highly contingent upon my mood). There is no reason why you should have a feed that you're not 100% satisfied with, and I firmly believe pretty visuals add to the listening experience.

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Link to most-loved mix - as chosen by you! Wanna make it platinum?: "Chill, Babe." [https://8tracks.com/theirongoddessofmercy/chill-babe]

1. Living in a Miyazaki Movie [https://8tracks.com/theirongoddessofmercy/living-in-a-miyazaki-movie]
2. I Was Just Thinking About You [https://8tracks.com/theirongoddessofmercy/i-was-just-thinking-about-you]
3. Nothing But My Aching Soul [https://8tracks.com/theirongoddessofmercy/nothing-but-my-aching-soul]
4. Lizzy Bennet's iPod [https://8tracks.com/theirongoddessofmercy/lizzy-bennet-s-ipod]
5. Breathe In... and Out [https://8tracks.com/theirongoddessofmercy/breathe-in-and-out]

My all-time favorite song: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E67kYiBWOxY]

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