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Chill, Babe.


The songs I turn to when I find myself feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, and need to remember that it's all gonna be OK. Figured they might be helpful for you, too, in finding peace in a crazy, crazy world. Composed in such a way that it soothes, grounds, and lifts you back up.

#3: Just listen.
#7: Let yourself feel what you're feeling. Bottling things up is never a good idea.
#14: "'Cause there is nothing more appealing than the thought that I could be enough..." So beautiful!
#16: Yes, this is Thomas Bergersen's actual singing voice ♥♥♥♥♥
#17: This 10-min. ambient treasure is a bit odd at first, but it sounds so swirly and paints a world before your eyes.
#25-35: "The sun keeps on know it's rising / To a new day." :)

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Thank you for this beautiful mix! I love the cover art and noticed your profile picture has a similar format. Could you tell me the artist or app that makes these? Thank you xx

@alemitcy Hello! I'm so happy that you liked the mix! The artist for both the cover art and profile picture (as part of the Stellarscapes series) is Oriol Angrill Jordà. The mix's cover art is titled "Horizons" (couldn't find a title for the profile pic). From what the artist has said here [], creating these involves specific poses, light and shadow play, plus tons of digital effects (among which I suspect is double-exposure photography) - all in order to convey the massiveness of outer space and our inner selves. Not easy to do lol, but the finished product is breathtaking, isn't it? ^^