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DJ Rising (Original Soundtrack)


"Marley Johnnywas Diego-Dylan is a high school junior who breathes in music like oxygen. In the real world, Marley juggles caring for his heroin-addicted mother, upholding his scholarship at a school full of privileged snobs, busing tables to make ends meet, and pining for the beautiful Lea Hall. But in the private world behind his turntables, Marley is free: pulling sounds, adding beats, blending samples, and dreaming of becoming a professional DJ. When chance lands him his first real DJ job, Marley’s career suddenly skyrockets. Life becomes a blur of clubs, music, and new friends. But when tragedy strikes, will Marley’s dream come crashing back down to earth?...a powerful and inspiring portrait of a boy who follows his passion against all odds."

- Love Maia's DJ Rising.

22 tracks
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