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Red's Revenge


This mix I made is too good to keep to myself. Some are newish-to me songs I like a lot, and longtime listeners will find tracks I love to use in a ton of my mixes. Inspired this lovely ode to mix cds: Emily McComb's "How to Bewitch Someone and Make Them Love You Using Only the Power of the Mix CD" ( Amen, sister!

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You and I have very different philosophies on making a good playlist. The ordering of these songs is pretty bizarre to me. Still loving it. :D

@huxstable Happy to know you're enjoying it! I agree that the ordering of songs is a bit odd - but it happens when you're putting multiple genres into a single mix. Grouping songs with similar sounds/pitch/speed and allowing the songs to rise and fall - much like a wave - gives the mix a better flow. I actually agonized over the track order for a while before deciding that the flow was key to making this mix cohesive, and not just a bunch of songs thrown together with no logical reasoning :) May I ask what your philosophy on making a good mix is? It's always cool to hear about others' DJing methods :D

@TheIronGoddessOfMercy Yup. You just described my philosophy perfectly. I imagine each song draws a path through N-dimensional music space where each axis is a parameter of the song (i.e. tempo, key, style, etc.) then I try and make each song transition to the next song as smoothly as possible (meaning as continuous as possible in that n-dimensional space). My goal is to make a single cohesive list that could be mistaken as a single hella-long song. I try to never put songs by the same artist back to back, cause that's cheating. Doesn't always work that way though. :P

@huxstable That's true - it doesn't always work. But it's always comforting to know that there's exceptions to every rule, and good music is good music no matter where you go XD