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Jazz of 2013


Jazz lives on. These are some of my favorite Jazz tracks released in 2013. (See also my Jazz of 2012 mix.) The moods on this mix are very heterogeneous. From soft and smooth to raucous and loud, you'll find something you like. Give Jazz a chance. And to help you with that, here's over 5 hours of it.

51 tracks
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Such a great mix! I am very happy to tell you that you've conquer my taste. Modern jazz is hard to find over playlists and I am very gratefull.

never thought i'd ever say this while grading papers, but thanks to your mix i can confess, "what a lovely time it was..."

This mix is turning out to be very relaxing.. Definitely great to listen to in the office. Learning a lot about a genre of music I don't tune into often. Thanks for putting it together.