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Get it Done!


This mix has almost no flow at all, but hopefully you can become inspired by it, even if only a little.

Photo is not mine.
Music isn't either of course, haha.

  • Sakae In Action by Summer Wats OST
  • Wakare by Usagi Drop
  • Final Valley (Clear Sky) slightly extended by Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations OST
  • 「This game」 by Konomi Suzuki
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 ~ His World (Instrumental) by Moogle Knights 3 Try Hard
  • Fooly Cooly Little Busters by Acesys
  • Natsu no theme by Fairy Tale OST
  • Super Paper Mario (OST) by The Ultimate Show
  • Bowser's Inside Story (Final Boss Theme Remixed And Remastered) Extended by Mario And Luigi
9 tracks
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