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Let Ink Drip Down Your Fingers

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i guess there really is hope in society!! :)

this goes to the two people below me!

oh and the playlist was perfect for my philosophy paper!

Well. That awkward moment when I creep your tumblr to read more of your writing because I'm very impressed and realize that I totally know you through Figment. Hahahah. Small world. :)

You have impeccable taste in music. And a ton I haven't heard before, either.
As Ugly As I Seem. Unffff.

Also, your description box is very well written!

Thank you so much!!! Wait, you have a Figment?!? Hold on, I might sound incredibly creepy for knowing this, but are you the one who's an incredible poet and loves Conor Oberst, or?

Hahah, I wouldn't say incredible but uh yeah that's me!

Not creepy at all. Totally have had real life conversations about you with my boyfriend. (Kevin D. Ross?)
When Your Hipster Girlfriend Breaks Up WIth You :)

No, you are! I actually showed one of your poems to my boyfriend (he, however, is not on Figment...), and he loved it! It was the Bright Eyes inspired one, actually...that really is such a beautiful poem.
Haha, have you really? Oh, I hope the things you say about me are good, haha.

D'awww :) That is absolutely precious! Thank you.

Of course, of course. We like you, hahah. Honestly though, you're definitely one of the most talented ones on Figment.