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cuddles and studies

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You know I've heard this song "Somewhere Only We know" quite a few times in the past couple days except it's sung by this child Josh Mortensen and not Keane, the original band that composed and performed this pretty good jam. There's actually a version by Lilly Allen that gives the song a softer tone, which I think it deserves, and would be better suited to your playlist. I looked into this Josh Mortensen and I honestly don't know what to say about the whole situation. I think I'll leave it at simply not being a fan of the child stars movement that a large number of individuals are so hyped about. I think it's easy to prove, arguing that a child's brain and body is not fully developed like an adults. So while they may possess latent skills or talents that enhance their abilities to perform certain actions at a younger age than some counterparts they will never completely be able to compare to an adult. It's apples and oranges dude. Anyways, hope you update the playlist because I wouldn't mind listening again in the future.