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Gloomy Sundaes


Don't be fooled by the mountain of ice-cream...

A few years back, I made this unbelievably painful mix. While doing a little fundraising for our campus radio station, this couple came and bought one of the CDs I made for 5$. It was "Gloomy Sundaes".

I RAN out the door and caught up to them... I then warned them about how pretty fucking depressing the album was. This was painful stuff, and it deserved some kind of label on the front...

They assured me it was ok, and they thanked me for it.

29 tracks
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(Please note: there are some repeat songs on here from older mixes I made...) I tried recreating the original as best I could. This one has 30+ songs on it (there's a few extras that weren't on the original).

It's a pretty varied mix featuring some real painful tunes sung by Billie Holiday, Hank Williams... Todd Rundgren, Nick Cave... Suede, Sparklehorse, The Damned, Elliott Smith... Bert Jansch, Townes Van Zandt... Wilco, Bill Callahan... Red House Painters & Joy Division.

Oh, and there's the ORIGINAL "Gloomy Sunday" on here (aka "The Hungarian Suicide Song" by Rezsö Seress.

Of course, it's a pretty massive mix. Listen to it in small chunks and let me know what you think.