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Pleased to meet you


21 Songs - 21 Favorites - 21 reasons why we'd get along in real-life.

This mix features a some of my favorite singer/songwriters (Warren Zevon, Jonathan Richman & Elliott Smith), indie tunes from the 1980's-90's & 2000's... and a few sparkling tearjerkers........

So until next time, keep fit and have fun!

19 tracks
2 comments on Pleased to meet you

Jane, I'm so glad to hear that, you're very sweet :) I've always been that geeky guy that makes mixes for his friends for (pretty much) any occasion... it's nice to know people are listening !!! 8 tracks is bloody addictive...

your mixes are so amazing. please keep taking WAY too long to make them, they have been my go-to for any mood for a while now. you're a gifted mixtape maker my friend.