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Transparent Flannel Mix


Pupils will become dilated... Ears will bleed... Faces will melt... (and you'll love me for it)

SO, if you're into new/oldschoooooool shoegaze/post-punk... Slumberland/Creation records... indie gems... throwback darlings... Cracklin' guitarrrrs... or amps CATCHING FIRE... You should hit PLAY, immediately.

Featuring cuts by Sonic Youth, Boyracer & Mission of Burma (Michael Azerrad approved!)

Supplies limited. ACT NOW!!!

22 tracks
2 comments on Transparent Flannel Mix

I woke up this morning/early afternoon and was in one of those funks like, I have no idea what I feel like listening to today. So I clicked on this. And I'm not "into" shoegaze as it were but this. feels. perfect. Thank you!