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the family that kills together, stays together.


a mix for the murderous Everett family.

Distant and empathic Elijah.
Seductive and volatile Delilah.
Protective and ruthless Alexander.
Fragile and gifted Laura.

20 tracks
2 comments on the family that kills together, stays together.

I started searching for the everetts but nothing came up, then I realized it's an original story! I am hooked with this mix, where can I find the story?

hahaha, oh my god. i was browsing the 'murder' tag and i opened this because i remembered an author that i'm friends with on mibba having this in her summary or something for a story called The Everetts that i'm looking forward to a whole lot and i was curious and it was you. this is the second time now. but hi. i love this mix.