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Portal And Team Fortress 2.

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This playlist is for you if your a Team Fortress 2/Portal/Valve geek like me. I love these games and all the music in them. Enjoy what I put on here!

  • Portal still alive by gdfhdhsoundcloud
  • Portal 2 Want You Gone by Weeping-Angel
  • Turret Wife Serenade (Portal II Soundtrack) by Saint Kitten
  • Science is Fun (M4v3r1cX Remix) by Portal 2 Soundtrack
  • The Cake Is A Lie (Portal Dubstep Mix Routine) by DJMutagen
  • 4000 Degrees Kelvin (Wub Machine Remix) by Epsilon007
  • Not a Number: Lunacy/Caroline (Deleted) by Not a Number (EM-UK)
  • MEDIC! by Valve Studio Orchestra
  • Team Fortress 2: ROBOTS! by ValveAwards
  • Team Fortress 2: The Calm by ValveAwards
  • Duel Challenge Theme Adaptation by Team Fortress 2
  • The Art of War by Team Fortress 2
  • Playing with Danger by Team Fortress 2
  • Team Fortress 2 by Archimedes
14 tracks
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