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nightcore tripled


"why do i keep listening to nightcore?" i ask myself
nightcore replies "i don't know, but keep listening to me anyway"
and i do bc i'm it's bitch

// i just fade in and out of listening to only nightcore or actual good music someone pls help i am a college student i can't afford to listen to the nightcored version of "when i grow up" by the pussycat dolls someone on campus might here me

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Well, I just found a new genre to learn about. I love this list and will need to find a few more like it:)

@Singer4hire ahh yay!! i have to other playlists for nightcore, they're both on my profile, but the actually history of this genre is kind of funny, because nightcore did actually start out as a band of sorts, then people started remixing songs to sound like theirs (the sound generally consisting of being sped up and hight pitched, and some times people will remix the song itself as well) and then the act of calling sped up songs "nightcore" caught on so much that it basically created a genre of itself it's crazy