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wrapped up.


I had just finished reading a fanfic, and I was crying sitting on a chair in my dining room when the Wrapped Up song by Olly Murs started on tv. Then I pictured Sherlock dancing to the song in Baker Street. The rest is history.

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@SimplyShelbs16xoxo Oh lord, I cannot remember. It could've been anything by conchepcion (I did many Invisible Wings rereads when I started up in the fandom) or Vikings by OccasionallyCreative, which I know came out relatively around the time this mix was made? Sorry I don't have the ~right~ answer lol I read many fanfics for this pair still today, but I'm sure whatever I was reading didn't really inspire the mix. This was a way to stop my sad haha. Glad you like it! :D

@thenworld haha understandable! I'm still a bit new to the fandom! I binged all of Sherlock before S4 began so that I would be caught up and I just fell in love with Sherlolly!