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Lifelong Stringer


Sometimes jazzy, sometimes acoustic, always just this side of complete breakdown: a soft mix tracking the deceitful yet heartfelt relationship at the core of the British Secret Service, from first glance to beyond the grave

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14 tracks
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@theoldgods oh hey! No prob, thank you for reply. Nope, it's not about licensing but some songs are being deleted from soundcloud so they disappear from mixes. But maybe I just should check my browser. Anyway, the music choice is superb, thank you for making this mix! There isn't enough fans for this movie (and books), it's really sad.

This mix is such a heartbreaking perfection! But would you mind uploading it somewhere else? 8tracks seem to delete half of tracks yet again >_s not too difficult of course.

@bosetsu Sorry for the late reply! It still seems to work fine for me--is it just that the tracks are playing out of order? Unfortunately 8tracks does that after the first time you listen for licensing reasons. :(