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Na̴o Falo Português


Of all the languages I can't speak, Portuguese (including Brazilian Portuguese) is my favourite. Even ordering groceries in Portugese sounds like music. So here's a small tribute, including tracks by Joao Donato, Jorge Ben and Buscemi.

8 tracks
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Amalia Rodrigues was a great singer. It was very disapointing not listening to her on this list, given the fact she is the face of it. Mixing your half-knowledge a bit, hey old chap?

@CravosVermelhos Since you can write, I assume you can read. The footnotes of my mix 'Nao Falo Porugese' will learn you that it is made as a tribute to the Portugese (and Brasilian) LANGUAGE, not the music. Of course I know (and love) Miss Rodrigues, and if I ever make a mix called 'The best Portugese music according to the Portugese Internet Police', I will make sure to include her. In the meanwhile: try enjoying 8tracks, or make a mix yourself. I'm sure it will turn your bad mood into something positive. But if you can't stop complaining: i've got some 60 other mixes you can start to hate, 'old chap'.