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Peanut Vendor Versions


When I first heard a version of this Latin Classic I was hooked. I started collecting other versions, I think I have about 200 of them now. And the funny thing is: they all are irresistible. Here's a quick pick of ten. Have some peanuts.

10 tracks
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El manicero!!!
Wow, what an incredible playlist...
I didn't listen to it yet, but it's an awesome theme for a playlist.
I first heard that song last year, but it's amazing how you discover a tune you like and suddenly and most of all, randomly, different versions come across... crazy!
Just how it is crazy to accidentally have clicked on this playlist and find myself getting surprised by the subject we are discussing here. Nothing happens for no reason...
Thanks for sharing, no doubt I'm gonna find jewels in here.

Enjoy! I've been collecting versions of this song since I first heard it. It's one of the first 'world music' hits ever. I once dj'd the whole evening with only different versions of El Manicero. I'll invite you the next time! Cheers.

I first heard the manisero, I was 9 in1938 then all other are pale adaptations and almost of them not at all irresistibles, just using the advantage of the new techno , sorry

Waw, serious? Are you almost 85? If this is true: respect! But I still think El Manisero is a great song in more than one version. Just like there is more than one way to make love. Happy New Year!