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Workout in the 36th Chamber


I'm getting real tired of every mix tagged with "Work out" and "Hiphop" having Mac Miller or Thrift shop on it. It's a joke.

For anyone who appreciates the hiphop that isn't played at house parties in the suburbs I set out to create this mix. I tried to use alternative songs from your favourite artists/groups (like Wu) because everyone on here only posts the most famous songs.

Let me know if there are any songs you like/dislike as a comment and I'll update

17 tracks
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Good job. Mac miller, drake, wiz kalifa, and all that other hipster hop have no place around gangster rap. Would like to see a west coast mix from you.

your knowledge of the wu is obvious. Best wutang mix ive heard yet. maybe make a mix that isnt a workout mix with less instrumentals. i wouldve loved to hear samuri, the insrumental sounded good. I like how the mix has a lot of good music from wu tang associates