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merlin's fresh mix

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got 3000% sold with the first song, the banana boat, I can FEEL Merlin's sarcasm eminating from my earphones it's unbelievable.

I can totally imagine Eggsy and Roxy being on a mission and and Merlin's running them through it and suddenly Milkshake starts blasting through their speakers and he's like 'oh god oh shit my headphones' oh my god i' made myself laugh too much, thank you for this!

@theory Then Ain't No Mountain High Enough comes on and Eggsy's like 'This is my jam, Rox' and she just rolls her eyes because how the Hell did she end up working with these dumb nerds

@chantellevictoriadicks @theory Merlin starts singing Let it go and then it suddenly breaks down from some error or what... And Merlin just stays frozen for a moment, standing there, in his office, hands in air..... And then continues without the actual song ('cause he knows all the lyrics and he wants to let it go...) (And well, now they knooow!)