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Israeli Songs


Mostly in Hebrew for practise, but some by Israeli bands in English just because I like them...
Some are old-school famous musicians, some are more contemporary with a political message - it's really a very mixed bag!

Fun facts:

- Hadag Nachash is a Hebrew rap band. Their name is an anagram - "Nahag Chadash" means "New Driver" (or Learner Driver) so they've scrambled the letters to mean "The Fish Snake"

- Dana International is a transwoman who won the Eurovision contest for Israeli in 1998.

- Idan Raichel's band is made up of various musicians from Israel and includes a number of immigrants who are seen as "lesser" in Israeli society such as Arabs and Ethiopian Jews. A lot of people claim that their music is a great model for coexistence. Yay, peace-bringing music. :)


20 tracks
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