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...a good story.


All songs that sing Teddy Altman/Henry Burton (Tenry). Their love, her pain.

  • The First Snowflake by The Boy Least Likely To
    Maybe - just maybe - something about him caught her eye. Always, even before she knew it, her subconscious must've told her he was something special. (Adrift and at Peace 7x10)
  • Anything But You by Civalias
    She's let him in at last. Was it his charm that paid off, or was it always meant to be? (Unaccompanied Minor 7x22)
  • How Come You Never Go There by Feist
    "So... what happens in here?" Oh, Henry. You're too endearing. (Heart-Shaped Box 8x8)
  • Looking For You Again By Matthew Perryman Jones by sky sky sky
    The first of the bad.
  • Katie Herzig [Lyrics on Screen and Description] by Lost and Found
    This is to stand for the highs of their relationship, heartbeats before the lows to come. God knows Teddy can mend nearly any broken heart, but how will she manage on her own? (Taek the Lead 8x3)
  • She Went Quietly by Real World Records
    He's gone. (Dark Was the Night 8x9)
  • Skin by Zola Jesus
    She's crying over his still body. Pale skin - it's not like she's used to. His skin's never been warm enough to match hers, but this... this is something different. (Suddenly 8x10)
  • New York by Snow Patrol
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