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Hannibal: Dance With The Devil


A heavy metal and rock Hannibal and Will (but mostly Hannibal) fanmix.

1. Mozart “Dies Irae” – Therion
2. Can I Play With Madness – Iron Maiden (young Hannibal)
3. Play For Blood – Megadeth (Hannibal as God)
4. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll – Judas Priest (young Hannibal decapitating the butcher)
5. Du Riechst So Gut – Rammstein (Hannibal be sniffing err’body up in here)
6. Master of Puppets – Metallica (Hannibal/Will powerplay)
7. You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid – The Offspring (Hannibal manipulating Will)
8. Getting Away With Murder – Papa Roach (confuzzled Will)
9. Psycho Killer – Velvet Revolver (obligatory)
10. Bloodfeast – The Misfits (blood pudding, anyone?)
11. The Mirror And The Ripper – Volbeat (appropriate title and lyrics. also, this band is Danish)
12. Devil’s Dance – Metallica (Hannibal manipulating literally everyone. And probably dancing while at it.)
13. Mein Teil – Rammstein (most obligatory cannibal song)
14. Dvorak “Excerpt from the New World Symphony” – Therion

14 tracks