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A Matter of Understanding - 1 - Dalish Culture and Rite of Passage


A mix that describes Ellen's DA:I story through soundtrack and annotation. A mix for an Inquisitor that seeks comprehension, appreciation, fairness, empathy, and - above all, defense for that which is - despite a lack of reason or common appreciation - exemplary and beautiful.
A mix for a Dalish Knight Enchanter with a passion for Cassandra, camaraderie with Dorian, and an appreciation for the rest that can rile dormant aggression and protectiveness.

This is the first in a set and covers Elin's childhood, interests in lore and history, practise and (safe) experimentation with magic, gaining the vallaslin of Mythal, and being chosen to visit the Conclave.

Cover is a commission completed by weissidian

11 tracks
1 comment on A Matter of Understanding - 1 - Dalish Culture and Rite of Passage

gosh, this playlist is BEAUTIFUL! :D i love how you conveyed the personality of your lavellan, while only using instrumental tracks. can't wait to listen to the others in the series!

@gabbyb133 Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback and am so pleased that these mixes have been receiving attention, especially since I didn't anticipate my work being appreciated by anyone other than the recipient of the mixes as a gift. I put a lot of thought into each included song, so I hope you enjoy the rest of the mixes too!