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Anticitizen One

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This mix is perfect! I just got half-done watching a walkthrough of the first game and I realized I hadn't absorbed as much detail as I thought I had when I played the game, first time around I saw Gordon as a badass and didn't realize his job was that of a scientist like everybody else, the second time I realized that Gordon had no combat training and he not only had to kill tons of aliens but he had to see his colleagues die as a result of something he did. So I went looking for a darker fanmix that might cover how he felt guilty as he fought and this is perfect, especially the first and sixth songs. Good thing nobody blamed him!

@Foggypebble thank you so much! half life is kind of a relic, but i still love it. it was the first fps i ever played and it was the game that made me fall in love with video games. i totally understand, i played hl2 and the episodes before the first game, and after playing the first game i got a whole lot more understanding of how scared out of his mind gordon was, because, like you said, he was just a scientist. to me it gives him as a character a lot more depth because he's not a trained soldier like every other fps hero, he's just a scientist. poor gordon needs a break, this is not what he went to college for!