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Late 60s / Early 70s AM

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Love this mix. I've posted it to our group "Cartoon Nutz!!!" on Facebook. In this group we recall and celebrate nostalgia from the 60s in the form of music, commercials, toys, TV shows, cartoons, movies, comic books, events, etc.

Our group centers around friendships we began in a suburb of Akron, Ohio in the late 50s through the 70s but has expanded out to friends and family and includes members throughout the nation.

I hope any of you reading this will check out and enjoy Cartoon Nutz... consider joining if you would like to comment or post.

To theRelic, thanks for putting this mix together.

Ah, I found this reading Wikipedia's KOKC (new call letters and format) article:
Battle with WKY
Even with its 50,000 watt signal, KOMA faced a serious challenge during the 1960s and '70s from cross-town competitor WKY.
Many times WKY was the ratings champ in the Oklahoma City metro area, while KOMA was much better known outside the market - due to nighttime "skywave" conditions on the AM band.
With little adjacent channel interference, KOMA had a tremendous reach with its directional antenna array. In many areas of the Plain States and the West, KOMA was the only Top 40 station serving some rural areas and small town markets.
At night, KOMA had a listenable signal in such far away locales as Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix and even Los Angeles. Fans of Rock and Roll and Top 40 music living in North and South Dakota in the 1960s and 1970s, for example, frequently waited until evening to enjoy listening to music on KOMA (as well as KAAY/Little Rock, KSTP-AM/St Paul, WLS/Chicago, or KFYR-AM/Bismark) from a great distance away.

It was KOMA I listened to! Thanks for the trip back in time :) I grew up south of Amarillo,TX. KOMA was the best thing to happen to us panhandle kids!!