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funeral on the moon

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After listening to this playlist, I've come to the conclusion that we're going to have to get married. I'm sorry it's so sudden... but it is what it is.

I am quite flattered. My answer has to be yes. It was The Books that did it, wasn't it? Or maybe The Notwist. You should post a mix of your own. I'd love to hear what you're spinning.

It was a fine mix between the tUnE-yArDs, The Books and oOoOO. Aaaaand all the rest. But it left me in a state.. that must be married. to you. I don't know if that was the state you intended to leave people in. But that's what happened.

And I'm not great at mix-making, just mix-listening. But I'll put some up sooner or later. They won't be much compared to yours, I don't think. But we'll see!

Inducing marital tendencies was not the state I had intended. But the fact that this collection of songs did it for you tells me a couple things. You must be a downright awesome person with a killer ear and impeccable musical taste. Am I wrong? I'd put money on you being able to craft a dynamite mix or two. When you get around to it, I look forward to listening!

Also, I'm glad you took the time to properly capitalize and uncapitalize tUnE-yArDs. Excellent.

Well, good! I'd like to think I'm pretty alright. :P I've got a tremendous amount of time to waste in the next month, so I'll definitely throw a playlist together soon.

Also, I had to capitalize it. You can't NOT when the band is that good.

I'm Julia, by the way. Just thought I'd introduce myself, considering we're set to be wed.

Yes indeed, preparations simply couldn't go forward until introductions are had. Julia, nice to meet you (in a sense). I'm Sean. It's a pleasure to stand on common and totally rad musical ground.

It's nice to meet you (in a sense) as well, Sean! I'm also a REAL big fan of your username. I'm shooting an homage film to Wes Andersen in the Spring, I think. I've also been planning on making a sweet playlist for you to groooove to, but my computer has been undergoing some open-heart surgery for a while.