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So I heard you like the piano


Alright friends it's story time

So I've got this thing with my right ear called tinnitus. This pretty much means this dumb ear rings aLL THE DANG tiMe. As you can imagine it sometimes makes it hard to sleep, especially when i'm worried or tense or whatever. These songs have always been my solution.

All these songs I have on a playlist for when the ringing is just a bit too loud or when i'm feeling really stressed. Enjoy.

15 tracks
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I'm joining the chronical tinnitus club. I've had it all my life; silence to me is "beeeeeeeeeeeeep". I have only one advice to give (exept for shutting it out with music or noise - though escapism is not a healthy solution on a long term basis) concerning the issue.. Have you ever tried meditation? No, but seriously - Try and use the tinnitus as a constant "mantra" to focus on the present and let everything float away - (: It can actually be a good thing, and because of the accept you practice, it will be much less of a hate-object :) Anyways, such a nice and calming playlist - thank you!

I have tinnitus too! sucks big time :( I have found that homeopathic have really helped. Apparently there is also some sort of drops that you can buy at the pharmacy that will help dry up the excess fluid build up in your ear that causes tinnitus