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90's Mix


So, I just spent over an hour compiling this nostalgic journey through the 90's. I didn't intend for it to be this long, but the grand tally is 49 songs. I got so exhausted by the end of this trip down memory lane that I don't even feel like tinkering around with the track order. The first 10 songs or so are the most important to me. The other 39 are pretty awesome too.

Sorry for this heavy-handed & boring description. Hopefully it's not the EXACT same as all the other 90's mixes on 8tracks!

49 tracks
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I didn't grow up in the 90's but my mom did and she loves to sing in the car. So, as I listened to these songs I couldn't help but remember all the great memories I've had giving my mom crazy looks as she sang the songs in the car, and now I'm singing them on the couch

My mom's decade was the 90's and I remember her singing these songs loudly until I had them pounded in my head. Gotta love 90's music

I haven't heard Ace of Base in the longest time. Kudos for having that to start this (what I hope will be) amazing mix Off. <#