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Can I Love You?


This is an ode to a genre I love. A playlist chronicling my internal struggle loving hip hop culture as a white male. Can I?

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so is 8tracks officially endorsing uploads to SC that are not by the artist or record label? I have to confess this continues to be a really big problem

@noknow I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. We match to Soundcloud because our assumption is that all content that is on their platform is licensed for streaming.

@theSFCritic right. sure. just let them police it instead of being a good steward to the band and the industry. I guess this hands off approach from the staff is frustrating. Mostly i'm hard pressed to see any place on SC where Tribe's Can I Kick It has an appropriate and legally hosted location. in addition, it's really, really frustrating to have your uploaded content changed without any notification, only so that 8tracks doesn't have to pay royalties. I really hope you were teasing me about assuming all SC content is legal. i've been pretty outspoken about this in the forums.