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The Legends of Music


This playlist is a tribute to all legendary artists. Those who changed are way of listening to music, or even changed music itself!

There are 15 tracks by 15 different -all legendary- artists.
You can change the playlist by request an artist that is not on the list, to make the list even better and better. The playlist will change once a week, so stay tuned!

Read in the comments how!

15 tracks
2 comments on The Legends of Music

1. One track per artist
2. In the list, there always have to be 15 tracks. So when you request a song also request an enlisted track to replace it with. (It is allowed to request another track from the same artist)
3. Add your opinion in your request.

For Example:

I want Lady Gaga with Pokerface in this playlist instead of Madonna. Because she achieved way more then her!

Hope it is all clear! ( Please request better artists than Lady GaGa... ;D)