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Dollface - Urban Legends Mixtape


A mix tape for the character of Dollface in the That's How We Roll Podcast. Dollface is an animated dressmakers doll whose head is stuck in the fifties. To celebrate her character, this is a collection of electro swing songs suited to the prim lady in her new modern setting.

  • Tape Five feat Brenda Boykin a Cool Cat in Town The Tasty Cat Groove rmx by The Tasty Cat Groove
  • Wash My Hands by Kormac
  • Drum Boogie - Extended by Swing Republic
  • Dust In The Summer Rain feat. Lilja Bloom by Lilja Bloom
  • Bart & Baker "Welcome to the club remix" by Scott Bradlee & Post Modern Jukebox "Thrift Shop"
  • The Boy in the Boat by Charlie Johnson and His Paradise Band
  • Bella Belle (Jamie Berry Remix) [OUT 10th MARCH] by The Electric Swing Circus
7 tracks
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