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this woman is my destiny


"is this the part where the music starts and we begin dancing? because i'm game. where's the minstrels?"

an alistair/warden mix from the perspective of the idiot who keeps asking your party members for advice on wooing you while you're /right there/


15 tracks
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@niblets that's how i felt about that too though!!! like, u know the warden's gonna figure out how to fix this whole taint business, she has to, she wants to grow old with her glorious puppy boyfriend/hubbie, failure is not an option (and i'm so glad that you're enjoying the mix! thank u for your comment!)

okay no this just keeps getting better like, i'm dead, i'm a mess, congratulations lol. like it starts out so happy and then wHAM, HAVE A SIDE OF FEELS

@lostacanthus i'm so glad! that you're into my mix for all the reasons i was into making it thank you for your love and appreciationnnn. i wanted it to be cheesy and lovely and fun but damn if our best laid plans don't go aft agley, right?