Is this playlist safe for work?

i'm not mad, just disappointed....


I feel the title accurately sums up how I feel. This feels like a weird breakup letter/complaint so bear with me.
I'm not mad. Really I'm not.
It's just the listening cap is a bit of a concern. When you're studying for 6 to 7 hours a day(i'm in college and on a tight budget), the limited listening cap isn't feasible.
But I understand that u have to do what u need to in order to expand 8tracks. I hope everything works out for u. I also thank 8tracks and staff for all the services they've provided.

To any followers, thank you for supporting me. I may upload some of the playlists I made in the future but the majority of my work will be over at playmoss. But if you're frustrated and disappointed like i am then come check playmoss.

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